Message from Pr. Cipriano


Jesus wants to make people happy.He wants to share his happiness with us.

Jesus led the life of the poor, yet He was happy, for He lived in the hands of God.

Jesus suffered, and yet He was happy.Nothing or nobody could rob him of his happiness and of his inner peace.He was at peace with God and Himself.

Let us learn from Jesus the way to true happiness.Here is his answer:"How happy are the poor in spirit". "Poor in spirit"are those who don't rely on themselves,on earthly things,on riches,on power,but put themselves entirely in God's hands;those who are completely open to God.Their heart is free from any kind of slavery,from anything that could enslave them.Their heart is open to God and to people.

The poor in spirit will weep with those who mourn;rejoice with those who are happy.They will not push people aside to promote themselves.They will hunger and thirst for justice and will be mercifull and generous to all people in need.They will be pure in heart,straightforward and single-hearted and they will be zealous to bring peace..Even if they have to suffer persecutions, they will not stop committing themselves to the kingdom.They will go on and persevere because they know that God is with them.

True happiness fils their heart because they are the "poor in spirit".

Blessed are the pure in spirit because they are like Jesus.In the person of Jesus we can see in its purest form the kind of happiness He wants to share with us. Those who enter the school of this teacher can experience this happiness.

Let us pray that we may discover and experience God's enduring happiness.