Message from Pr. Cipriano


Let us rejoice in the Lord, for our Savior is born to the world.

Yes, we are assured today that the Lord is really with us.

“I bring you news of great joy,a joy to be shared by the whole people.Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you;He is Christ the Lord”(Luke 2,10-11).

The shepherds hurry to find the Bebe in the manger. Should we not go and find Him too, and treasure Him in our hearts? The Child lying in the manger is the Savior born to us and to the world.

Yes, we are assured again tonight that the Lord is really with us; He smiles on us through a little Child lying in a manger. God has come to us in this humble way.

Let now the totality of the Christmas mystery dawn on us. God takes a body from our humanity to open it to horizons of which we can barely have inkling. God comes among us to tell us how important our life is,but also to make us aware of our true vocation and to reveal to us our true destiny.

God becomes man so that the human person,this marvel of creation,be born again in the image of God.God becomes man so that human life can be filled again with the whole of God's life, with all the peace of God, with all the joy of God. God comes to people to heal all that has been spoiled in them through sin, and still goes wrong. God does this by sharing his own life with us. In his Son God comes among us to make us sons and daughters of God. God becomes man so that people become deified, become more like God. So that human life will be filled with divine life. So that the love that is in the heart of God be in us.So that the hearts of people, all too often torn apart among themselves,become again the hearts of God' sons and daughters.

Lord Jesus, you are one of us. Help us to become more like You, that we may become your joy, as You are ours, now and forever. Amen.


Fr. Cipriano Bontacchio